1. Argumentation and opposing truth when it comes to you
  2. Caller should not become despondent if his call is not immediately accepted‏
  3. Causes of a decrease in ‘Eemaan
  4. Student of knowledge behaves in manly and honourable way‏
  5. Student of knowledge checks correct understanding of what he transmits
  6. Student of knowledge contemplates and is not hasty
  7. Student of knowledge distinguished by honourable behaviour‏
  8. ‏‏Student of knowledge has contentment with simple life‏ ‏‏
  9. Student of knowledge has contentment
  10. Student of knowledge has thabaat
  11. Student of knowledge is humble to people who benefit him
  12. Student of knowledge knows his limits
  13. Student of knowledge learns gradually and consistently
  14. Student of knowledge lives simply and forsakes luxuries
  15. Student of knowledge pays great attention to isnaad of information he conveys
  16. Student of knowledge stays away from meetings of laghw
  17. Student of knowledge trains himself upon fine manners
  18. Students of knowledge adorn themselves with fine manners
  19. Accepting the apologies of others
  20. Classification of hayaa- (feeling shy)
  21. Describing someone as “multazim”
  22. Directing a command to someone who already fulfils it
  23. Duty of Muslims towards Non-Muslims
  24. Gentleness of the student of knowledge
  25. Having knowledge of Allaah leads to person being obedient to Him
  26. How to purify intention when seeking knowledge
  27. Intention behind seeking knowledge
  28. Listening to backbiting is a sin
  29. Method of speaking can vary from one person to next
  30. Ridiculing is from manners of hypocrites
  31. Rights of Brotherhood
  32. Second type of sabr
  33. Third type of sabr
  34. True love
  35. Types of companions
  36. Wishes of the heart reflect its being healthy or diseased
  37. Fault lies not in the beard
  38. Importance of good manners
  39. Use of kindness and gentleness in da’wah