1. Being dutiful to non-Muslim Parents
  2. Christian wife embraced Islaam after marriage and then apostated
  3. Circumcision for new convert – is it Sunnah or Obligation
  4. Converted Muslim does not have to make up for missed Prayer and Fasting
  5. Correct way to teach and guide a new Muslim
  6. Dictating Shahadah to a woman who wants to become a Muslim
  7. Embracing Islaam and following a deviant Sect
  8. Gift from a Kafir’s heirs to their Muslim brother from inheritance
  9. Gradation in conveying Islam
  10. Haraam money from before Islaam
  11. Is changing my name a must
  12. Is it permissible for a person who has embraced Islaam to change his name
  13. Muslim’s inheritance from a Kaafir 2
  14. Muslim’s inheritance from a Kaafir
  15. New convert paying to the bank its dues before entering Islam
  16. New Muslim reciting Soorah al-Faatihah during Rukoo` or Sujood instead of Tasbeeh
  17. Repenting from all sins but keeping the ill-gotten money
  18. Ruling on changing one‎s name after accepting Islam
  19. Someone entering Islaam while being married to Mahrams
  20. What is required of a new Muslim between the period he embraces
  21. Are witnesses needed for a non Muslim to take Shahahdah
  22. Giving a Mus-haf to the Kaafir after entering Islam
  23. Having a document that proves that one has embraced Islam
  24. Islaam erases the sins that came before it
  25. Muslimah preserving her religion in Japan
  26. Obligation of a Kaafir woman who enters Islam informing her husband
  27. Period between being convinced about Islam and officially declaring it
  28. Ruling on Ghusl and circumcision for those who embrace Islam
  29. Shaykh al-_Uthaymeen advises new Muslims
  30. What exactly are we asking for in Soorah al-Faatihah
  31. What to do with Riba (interest) money of a new Muslim
  32. Woman embracing Islaam whilst her husband does not