1. Bid`ah (innovation in the religion) classified into five categories?
  2. Celebrating the Prophet_s birthday
  3. Celebrating-Mother’s-Day
  4. Depriving oneself of good foods without any justification
  5. Fasting some days as fasting the whole month
  6. Followers of the leaders of the groups of innovation
  7. Origin of the Mawlid
  8. Participating in Christmas with the Kuffaar
  9. Placing a grave in the Masjid
  10. Praying in or building a Masjid over a grave
  11. Saying Ju’muaah Mubaarak 2
  12. Saying Ju’muaah Mubaarak
  13. Travelling from one place to another to commemorate the birthdays of pious people
  14. Vision attributed to the attendant of the Prophet’s grave
  15. When did the Mawlid first appear
  16. Al-Fatihah to have your needs fulfilled
  17. Valentine’s Day