1. Abridged Prayer of the Prophet
  2. Opening Du’aa in Prayer
  3. Can you awaken children for Fajr Prayer though the weather is very cold
  4. Children receive reward if they reach age of discernment
  5. Delaying performing Fajr Prayer from its due time
  6. Exhorting children to pray
  7. Is person offering Salaah individually required to announce Adhaan
  8. Making up for missed Salaah due to sleep or other reasons
  9. Making up for Salaah missed due to sleep or negligence
  10. Making up for Salaah missed unintentionally
  11. Performing Salaah without announcing Adhaan (call to Prayer)
  12. Person sleeping until sunrise prays supererogatory Prayer before offering Fajr Prayer
  13. Ruling on the Salaah offered by those whose children abandon Salaah
  14. Salaah of a person who drinks (Khamr)
  15. Salaah of an insane person
  16. Should the person who loses consciousness make up for Salaah and Sawm they have missed
  17. Should those who embrace Islam recently make up for Salaah they missed
  18. Sunnah prayers explained
  19. Which is more grievous; Zina or abandoning Salaah
  20. Abandoning Friday prayer for work
  21. Adhaan (part 1 of 2) The call to Prayer
  22. Adhaan (part 2 of 2) The call to Prayer
  23. Conditions, Pillars and Requirements of the Prayer
  24. Duration during which traveller could shorten prayer
  25. Excellence of performing Prayers in congregation
  26. Friday prayer for the traveller
  27. Giving lessons before Friday sermon
  28. Importance of Prayer (Salah)
  29. Legitimacy of invocations during forgetfulness prostration
  30. Making up for Witr (odd prayer) and nullifying it
  31. Making up missed Prayers
  32. Performing ‘Eed prayer in school
  33. Prayer of the traveller
  34. Praying in chair, is there difference between rukoo and sujood
  35. Repeating the prayer of Al-Istikhaarah
  36. Ruling concerning praying in red garment
  37. Simple explanation of Soorah al-Faatihah
  38. Sleeping after Fajr and ‘Asr prayers
  39. The legally decreed call to dawn prayer
  40. Prayer in Masjid in which is a grave without knowing
  41. Ruling-on-praying-behind-a-mushrik