1. Advice on self-purification and being gentle with people
  2. Advising the innovator
  3. Allaah has not commissioned you with labelling people as innovators
  4. Correct method for calling non-Muslims to Islaam
  5. Did Shaykh ‘Abdul-Muhsin write Rifqan in defence of Abul-Hassan
  6. Did Shaykh Ibn Baaz praise Muslim Brotherhood prior to death
  7. Did Shaykh Ibn Baaz retract from criticism on Tableegh before death
  8. Difference between Jarh wa Ta’deel and spying
  9. Explanation of one who does not declare the innovator to be an innovator is an innovator
  10. Is exposing mistakes of astray groups from Jarh wa Ta’deel
  11. Is it waajib to call yourself Salafee or Atharee
  12. Is Tazkiyyah a prerequisite to teach for graduate
  13. Jarh wa Ta’deel and refutations
  14. Jarh wa Ta’deel in this day and age
  15. Rather this is about the truth
  16. Refuting the students of knowledge
  17. Some priorities for the successful student of knowledge
  18. Students with limited knowledge appointing themselves as scholars
  19. Take from him his knowledge, but leave alone his actions
  20. Will Muslims be asked in grave about Al-Jarh wa-t-Ta’deel
  21. Al-Ikhwaan al-Muslimoon
  22. Former Grand Muftee of Saudi Arabia on Jamaat Tableegh