1. About the one who says that the Raafidah Shia are Muslims
  2. Are the Raafidah Kuffaar?
  3. Eating from animals slaughtered by Raafidah
  4. Insulting companions exits one from fold of Islaam
  5. Origin of the Mawlid
  6. Raafidah are not our brothers
  7. Ruling of invitation to Raafidah weddings and their meat
  8. Ruling on praying behind a Zaydi
  9. Ruling regarding general folk of the Raafidah
  10. Sin of befriending and giving salaam to the Raafidah
  11. Why did ‘Alee burn the followers of Ibn Saba’
  12. Why the Raafidah curse the companions
  13. This is not a golden rule!