1. A few words of advice regarding bombing in Kuwait
  2. A few words regarding bombing
  3. A few words regarding ISIS, An-Nusrah, Al-Qaeda and The Muslim Brotherhood
  4. Explaining whoever says to his brother ‘O you Kaafir’
  5. ISIS and short glimpse of what took place in Syria at beginning
  6. ISIS are from extreme deviant of Khawaarij
  7. ISIS are Khawaarij, no doubt
  8. Muslim women going to Syria to join ISIS
  9. Reason why our girls should not go to Syria
  10. Refuting a doubt of those who defend Daesh (ISIS)
  11. Ruling regarding kidnapping and executing innocent non-Muslims
  12. They are Mujahidoon in the way of Shaytaan
  13. They should not be left to corrupt our youth