1. What is the way out of tribulations
  2. Advice-to-one-busy-classifying-people-into-groups
  3. A-warning-from-“He-said,-she-said”
  4. Difference between Salafee methodology and Tahazzub in name of Salafeeyyah
  5. Advice-to-students-of-knowledge-engaged-in-searching-for-mistakes
  6. Advice-to-those-who-go-into-extreme-in-criticising-people
  7. Differences and splitting between people have increased
  8. Explanation of one who does not declare the innovator to be an innovator is an innovator
  9. Allaah has not commissioned you with labelling people as innovators
  10. Asking-general-question-then-using-it-on-specific-person
  11. A-warning-against-Ghuloo-(extremism)
  12. Insulting the Du’aat and Scholars
  13. The only thing they know is warning against people
  14. Restricting-Da’wah-of-Ahlus-Sunnah-to-specific-scholars
  15. On-saying-such-and-such-is-not-a-Salafee
  16. On those who warn against particular individuals
  17. Is it permissible to ascribe yourself to as-Salafeeyyah
  18. Following the faults of the Muslims
  19. Is-it-permissible-to-make-Tabdee’-because-link-with-political-group
  20. Advice to students of knowledge who classify scholars and du_aat
  21. Many people backbite Scholars, does al-Jarh wat-Ta_deel have conditions